Understanding the Future, With Donald Kerry Frey

For many years, Donald Kerry Frey has been working hard and studying, so that he could better understand the process of information consumption. In that time, he has learned a lot about what constitutes good information and he has learned how to provide the information that consumers can use that to make the world better. All of this comes out of a desire on Donald’s part to make sure people have a better grasp on world events. It was also the motivation behind his creation of Nova Tribune, which can be found at novatribune.org.

The Nova Tribune news website attempts to do something that most other news sites do not. Donald Kerry Frey was troubled by the fact that most news sites were biased and presented current events from the perspective of one side. With Nova Tribune, Donald tries to present the news in a way that approaches all issues evenly, from all perspectives and all sides of every argument. They cover the news in many areas of interest and every field imaginable, and the reader will come away knowing what everyone thinks about the issues they cover.