• Problem Solved, Courtesy of Entrepreneur Donald Kerry Frey

  • Posted on August 25, 2017
  • The problems surrounding the problems of information consumption and use led entrepreneur Donald Kerry Frey to establish the news site Nova Tribune, which can be found online at novatribune.org. It seemed to him that virtually every news site he encountered online approached the news from either one ideological side or another. That is when his entrepreneurial sense kicked in and he decided it was time to present the news from the perspective of all sides of every argument.

    The Nova Tribune, in the hands of Donald Kerry Frey, provides a reasonable alternative to news consumers, in that the site that informs them through articles that reflect a wide variety of fields and interests and it gives them a view of every argument for and against a particular issue. With Donald Kerry Frey’s significant background as a tech entrepreneur, he has the knowledge and the resources to make sure Nova Tribune is successful long into the future. He hopes his entrepreneurial spirit will improve information consumption for everyone.

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